Papadoms & Homemade Chutney Selection (per person) £1.50

Punjabi Samosa £6.25

The Original Samosa, stuffed with tempered potatoes, onion and spices.


Spinach & Onion Bhajia   £5.95

Finely shredded onions, potatoes and spinach spiced with fennel and coriander seeds, deep fried, served with tamarind chutney


Sweet Potato & Goats Cheese Tikki  £6.95

Lightly spiced sweet potato and goat cheese patties shallow fried served with khatta chutney (tamarind and dates), green chutney, seasoned yoghurt and gram flour (bhoondi).


Chilli Paneer  £6.95

Indian style cottage cheese, sautéed lightly finished with peppers and spring onion.


Fish Amritsari  £6.25

White fish fillet marinated in a light spicy batter Served with salad garnish & mint yoghurt dip


Murg Bezul  £6.95

West coastal of Mangalore, the street food made with pieces of chicken battered with aromatic spices and deep fried.


Sharing Kebab Platter for 2 £14.95

Selection of Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab, Tandoori Chicken

Clay Oven Dishes

(Can be ordered as Starters or Main)

Tandoori Chicken (Punjab Province) £5.95 / £11.95

Chicken on the bone marinated in traditional yoghurt based spice mix


Chicken Tikka (Lucknow) £6.50 / £13.00

Tandoor grilled chunks of boneless chicken flavoured with cumin and rock salt.

Lamb Seekh kebab (Awadh)  £5.95 / £11.50

Soft minced lamb kebabs with exotic spices, ginger, coriander, and red onion. coriander, char grilled to a golden hue.

Main Courses

Chicken Jal-Frezi (Calcutta, West Bengal)  £11.50

Grilled chicken stir-fried with juliennes of chillies, onions and bell peppers.


Chicken Tikka Masala (1970s Glasgow, Scotland) £11.95

Chicken tikka masala, A British national favourite… “enough said”


Butter Chicken (Delhi) £12.50

chicken simmered in fenugreek, tomato buttery sauce.


Murgh Korma (Uttar Pradesh) £11.95

The jewel in the kitchens of Mughals Palaces, Chicken cooked in mild sauce with aromatic spices.


Kori Gassi (Mangalore, Karnataka) £11.95

Chicken tempered with curry leaves, chillies and coconut milk.

Methi Gosht (Punjab) £12.50

Lamb sautéed with fresh fenugreek in dry ginger powder flavoured in tomato and onion gravy.

Rogan Josh (Kashmir) £12.50

Diced lamb cooked in browned onions, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices.

Kadhai Gosht (Punjab) £12.50

Slow cooked diced lamb with tomatoes, garlic, finished with garam masala.

Railway Lamb Curry (Bombay, Maharashtra) £12.95

A wholesome dish once served on the long train journey from Bombay to Calcutta.

Nadan Fish Kari (Kerala) £12.95

Tilapia fillet cooked in spices and simmered in tamarind and coconut gravy from Kerala, South India.

Jhinga Hara Pyaz £14.95

Tiger prawns stir fried with bell peppers, black pepper, roasted cumin finished with spring onion.

Trakari subzi  £9.95

Mixed vegetables cooked with authentic spices, finished in tomato and onion gravy.

Dhaba Palak Paneer (Punjab Province) £11.95

Fresh cottage cheese, pureed spinach tempered with garlic and fresh coriander.

Veg Side Dishes

Bombay Aloo £4.95
Potatoes cooked in onion & tomato with cumin.

Aloo Gobi Adrak £5.50
Cauliflower florets & potatoes cooked with onions, fennel seeds and ginger.

Bhindi Do Piaza £5.50
Okra tossed with onion, tomato and Shallot.

Kaalan Milagu Pirtal £5.5
Mushroom Pepper Fry has very few ingredients and tastes delicious.

Saag Bhaji £5.50
Spinach cooked with light spices and onions.

Tadka Dal £4.95
Slowly cooked yellow lentils tempered with garlic.

Chana masala £5.50

Basmati Rice

Pulao Rice  £3.50

Steamed Rice  £3.25

Mushroom & Garlic Rice £3.50

Lemon rice  £3.50

Tandoori Bread

Plain Naan £2.95

Garlic Naan £3.50

Peshwaqri Naan £3.50

Kheema Naan £3.50

Tandoori Roti £2.75

Salad and Raitha

Garden Fresh Salad £3.95
Slice of carrot, tomatoes, cucumber and red onions & Lemon.

Red Onion Salad £2.95
Sliced red onion, green chilli, sprinkled with chaat masala & lemon.

Cucumber & Cumin Raitha. £2.95

For food allergies and intolerances, please speak to our staff before ordering.